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Gabriel Rivera
Gabriel Rivera

[S3E8] The Merger !!BETTER!!

Pam returns with two paper grocery bags full of supplies. Michael instructs her to arrange the conference room "as though you are trying to impress an older man way out of your league." In an interview, she professes excitement over the merger of Stamford employees into the Scranton branch, including the return of her old friend Jim. Kevin is given the job of shredding the company documents from Stamford, which he relishes. As he demonstrates the power of his shredder from Staples, Kevin gets carried away and accidentally shreds his credit card. As Michael is putting nameplates on the ex-Stamford employee's desks Dwight suggests that they fire Tony Gardner to consolidate power. In an interview, Dwight says that he would have been good as the Japanese soldier who chose which prisoner to execute once a new batch of prisoners arrived.

[S3E8] The Merger

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The bombshell dick pic takes place in the final minutes, after Roman successfully convinces Logan (Brian Cox) to close the GoJo deal, which is less of an acquisition and more of a merger that may reshape the leadership of Waystar Royco. After receiving a professional, congratulatory text from Gerri (J. Smith-Cameron), Roman sends her a celebratory dick pic, without noticing he accidentally sends it to his dad.

And where does this leave the GoJo deal? Just minutes earlier, the Roys had brought in the bankers to calculate the final offer to Matsson, who nefariously hiked up the valuation of his streaming company thanks to some drugged-out tweets. If the merger goes through, some Waystar executives, like Frank (Peter Friedman) and Karl (David Rasche), could be out of jobs, and Matsson may join the top of the food chain alongside Logan at Waystar. 041b061a72


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