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[S2E6] The Sting

Of course, overshadowing everything -- including the fact Picard teeters on the brink of death -- is Jurati's stunning chanteuse moment, bursting into a solo rendition of Pat Benatar's "Shadows of the Night" in front of the entire NASA gala.

[S2E6] The Sting

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Jurati stands (to all other observes) alone at a table while the party is in full swing, while the Queen asks who "we" were that evening. Jurati is adamant that there is no "we", saying that the Queen was just a "houseguest" until she could find a way to get rid of her presence. The Queen mocks her for not being able to let her die. Jurati insists that the Queen was not who she was trying to save, which the Queen dismisses as "splitting hairs", before saying it was fun to lie to her friends, especially Rios, "the one [Jurati] had intercourse with". Jurati counters that she did not find it fun, before clarifying to mean the lying. She was faced with an impossible choice: she couldn't allow Leclerc, the French policeman, to die, but also couldn't kill the Queen either, the only means for them to get home. The Queen thinks they had talked enough, suggesting they enjoy the party instead, but Jurati insists on "no playing", that she had a mission to complete. The Queen replies that the stress hormones were not good for "us", but mockingly says that Jurati was in control.

Picard finally catches up to Renée, noting how upset she seemed. Renée tells him she wishes to be alone, but Picard replies that in his experience, talking about something else helps, and suggests she look up. Above her is suspended an OV-165 shuttle, which she calls "Spike" because of its "kick-ass" aerospike engines that use less fuel. She apologizes for any offense, but notes that Picard seems "a little up in years" to be a security guard. Picard concedes that's true, but adds that he was the wisest of them all. Renée half-jokingly says he probably thinks they let anyone be an astronaut these days. "Sometimes, those who shine the brightest feel the sting of fear and melancholy in ways that others can never understand," Picard replies. Renée thinks he talks like he knows her, and in a way he does: she is an astronaut of the Europa Mission, and believes her indeed capable of great things. Picard tells her that in some ways, Renée reminds him of his mother; she also loved the stars, and also had her struggles. Renée thinks fear is sometimes a "friendly reminder" that one was not ready, but Picard insists that fear was fear, and it didn't speak in riddles; fear meant that one was smart, and understood the risks. Renée asks what he was afraid of, and he admits he didn't know where to begin. She asks if he found a way to live with it, and he replies that even in the darkest circumstances, there was a light, even if it was just a glimmer. "Trust that light," he urges her. "Find a way back. No matter what it takes." Renée thinks his mother was lucky to have him, triggering another memory. Back in character, he "remembers" that he was sent to bring her back, that Dr. Jemison was having a toast and wanted all the astronauts on stage; he had been sent to collect her, and asks if she would be joining them. Renée, seeming more confident now, replies that she will. Taking her arm in his, he escorts her back to the party.

Khadija Khan will also continue to expose the practice of Correction on Newsnight, suggesting that those in the UK security services - namely Garland and Hart - will be outed, along with Napier and the CIA.

Directed by Saverio Costanzo after two consecutive episodes by Alice Rohrwacher, 'Rage' brings back the pain, suffering and poverty of the neighbourhood and the intense urge to leave it at once. Over the last two episodes, the Rohrwacher documented the playfulness of youth and the sting of desire and lust with brilliance. But the reality is supposed to catch up sooner or later. Written by Elena Ferrante, Francesco Piccolo, Laura Paolucci and Saverio Costanzo, episode 6 is a product of both Elena and Lila's rage - one desperate to leave the neighbourhood, the other desperate for love.

Later that day, Odessa happens upon M.K. and Bajie making plans to steal The Widow's Azran book, she has hidden in the Observatory. Not trusting either of them, she quickly informs The Widow of their plans.

We all know that Jodie Comer is a whizz with accents, so watching her flip through potential characters for her undercover sting on the Peel family was a real treat: gap-yah-gone-wrong-girl? Aussie bikini princess? No, instead she chose a drawling hard-done-by influencer who goes by the name Billie.

21st-century comedy-drama adaptation of HE Bates' classic novel The Darling Buds of May. When Norma confesses to Ma that Pop was set up by the Jerebohms, Ma gets some help to organise her own sting operation... it's comeuppance time for the Vicar, Alec Norman and the Jerebohms, as revenge is a dish best served cold. 041b061a72


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