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Gabriel Rivera
Gabriel Rivera

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The 1.1 version has been released and focuses primarily on fixing the crashing and softlocking issues along with polishing up unfinished areas of the mod - Monkey Madness side quest, weapon bugs, siemka's home map. More information on fixes is available in changelog.txt within the mod folder or in the 1.1 version's download descripion.

Lonely Adventure crack folder download

With the large RT files now on your drive, we can begin the process to turn them into the smaller RTC format. First, download the latest version of Rainbowcrack for your OS. Unzip the contents of the zip file. We will use some of the tools within.

rcrack is a program found within the Project-Rainbowcrack zip file downloaded earlier. You can use this documentation to run the program as is. Simply run the program, direct it to the folder that has the hashes, and provide the hash with "-h". Note: Each type of hash (LM, NTLM, SHA1, MD5) must be executed separately. You can't run a MD5 hash and a LM hash from the same folder. For example:

rcrack /rt/lanman -h AABBCCDDEEFFAA or rcrack /rt/md5 -h 098f6bcd4621d373cade4e832627b4f6 will work; rcrack's search is focused on a specific folder for hashes, which can have subfolders.

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