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Producers Vault Bachata Pura 132

Producers Vault Bachata Pura 132

If you are a composer, arranger, producer or live musician looking to create authentic bachata songs, remixes or backing tracks, you might be interested in Producers Vault Bachata Pura 132, a producer pack that contains bachata loops and samples, recorded in the highest quality using SSL preamps and mixed using NEVE 1081 EQs.

Download Zip:

Bachata is a popular genre of Latin music that originated in the Dominican Republic and spread to other parts of Latin America and the world. It is characterized by a distinctive guitar sound, romantic lyrics and a danceable rhythm. Bachata has evolved over the years and has incorporated influences from other genres such as pop, rock, reggaeton and salsa.

Producers Vault Bachata Pura 132 offers you a variety of bachata percussion loops ranging from 130 to 136 bpm in styles including: Traditional Dominicana, Bronx style, Callejera, Maliatosa, Chacha Bachata, Estilo 440, Sandungera and more. It also includes bachata guitar loops and bass lines in various keys. The samples and instruments are amazing, as they include one shots of bongo, guira, bachata guitars and other percussion as well as sampled instruments already formatted for your favorite sampler.

With Producers Vault Bachata Pura 132, you can create professional sounding bachata tracks in minutes. You can use the loops and samples as they are or customize them to your liking. You can also mix and match them with other producer packs from Producers Vault, such as Bachata Guitar VSTi, Bachata Studio Sessions Vol 1 and 2, Merengue Elements and more. You can also watch video tutorials on how to work with bachata loops and samples on their website.

Producers Vault Bachata Pura 132 is available as an instant download only for $59.99. You can purchase it from their online store or from other platforms such as Big Fish Audio, Producer Loops and Loopmasters. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable source of bachata loops and samples, Producers Vault Bachata Pura 132 is a must have producer pack for you.


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