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Santa Claus In Trouble Again 2 Download Full __HOT__

Santa Claus in trouble... again! is available for users with the operating system Windows 98 and former versions, and it is only available in English. Its current version information is not available and the latest update was on 7/12/2006.

Santa Claus In Trouble Again 2 Download Full

About the download, Santa Claus in trouble... again! is a game that requires less free space than the average game in the section PC games. It's very heavily used in many countries such as Romania, Serbia, and Croatia.

Santa Claus is once again having some troubles in his magical vacation. A storm has blown through his sleigh and he has to get back on the ground in time to greet all the gifts. In this time, Santa Claus must save the World and runs for re-election as the King of Sleighs. Along the way, Santa Claus must save the world one gift at a time from several vicious predators intent on destroying it. Will Santa Claus be able to complete each challenge and save the World?

Santa Claus In Trouble... Again! If Santa Claus is in trouble again, please visit the developer's site below. This file is available for free download from the developer's website. Santa Claus In Trouble... Again Review Santa Claus In Trouble is a 3D action game with over 10 levels where you play Santa Claus and have to retrieve all the lost gifts and find the secret way back to the sleigh to bring back the gifts. This is the second release of the award winning "The Secret Adventures of Santa Claus", follow up to the successful "Nights in Santa's Workshop".

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Santa Claus ist in Schwierigkeiten...mal wieder. In dem Jump'n'Run-Spiel Santa Claus in trouble...again schlüpft der Spieler in die Rolle des Weihnachtsmanns auf der Suche nach Geschenken.

FazitMit Santa Claus in trouble...again kommt ein kurzweiliges Spielchen auf den Rechner. Weihnachtliche Hintergrundmusik und zahlreiche Extras machen "Santa Claus in trouble...again" zu einem spaßigen Spielvergnügen. Die integrierte 3D-Physik-Engine lässt die Bewegungen der Spielfiguren angenehm realistisch erscheinen.

Santa Claus en problemas... otra vez! (Santa Claus in trouble... again! ) es un asombroso juego de Windows en versión de prueba, que forma parte de la categoría de Juegos para PC con subcategoría Plataforma.

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