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Planning a Trip?

Do you want to take a trip with a focus on diving?

I can help you plan it!

As you have understood I am interested in diving, planning and organization as well.

So why not combine it all and let me help you plan your next holiday.

Contact Me

Planning doesn't have to be complex, get help!

Wreck in the Sea
Image by Mika Baumeister
Image by Ray Reyes


  • Review: Formalities, weather, security, budget, visas ...

Create your itinerary

  • Get inspired by the itineraries of other travelers

  • Or let yourself be guided by our suggestions which will guide you throughout the creation of your trip

Estimate your budget

  • Estimated budget for your trip based on budgets from other similar travelers

  • Find out where to go according to your budget and / or the seasons

  • Collaborative approach that improves over time and learns from user contributions

Image by Emma Matthews Digital Content P
Image by Brooke Cagle
Image by Tamas Tuzes-Katai

A "to-do-list" to save time and not forget anything

  • Intelligent task manager associated with your trips

  • Retro-planning of the preparations 

Group your reservations in one place

  • Reservations linked to your itinerary

  • All your travel details clearly summarized

View your route on a customizable map

  • Create your travel diary from your itinerary

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