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Is Bali you next destination to dive?

There is hope...

A quick line to share with you a news that I read today; Bali will partially reopen. By partially I mean that -contrary to what Vietnam is planning for Phu Quoc- a quarantine will be necessary, but shortened.

So for those of you who are brave enough to take an eight days quarantine, Bali could be an option. I do appreciate it is not ideal but after so long, and if you can afford say three weeks of holidays (or more), it might worth it.

The positive message is that somes countries in South East Asia show willingness to open their doors to vaccinated tourists, with limitations of course, but hey, that is already better than nothing isn't it? It gives us hope for further relaxation.

Similar to what I am trying to do for Phu Quoc, I will look for the operators that are ready to welcome you and keep you posted.


The Diving Bear

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