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About The Diving Bear

Hello and welcome to the site of The Diving Bear.


Why the bear? Because he is an animal that I find admirable in many aspects. 

Why diving? Because it is one of my passions. 

So grouping both gives you The Diving Bear. By the way, a Bear can swim very well too!

Being fascinated by oceans and passionate about diving, I decided to create this site to offer a platform to allow anyone and everyone to discover, learn, explain and exchange.


I have a simple goal:  To share my passion in an interactive way. Whether you are a newbie who is curious about diving or an experienced diver, I would like to introduce this site as a meeting point for all levels. 

You will find different sections dedicated to courses, technique, equipment, experiences, dive sites, books and more.  Additionally, to put my organizational skills at work, I can also facilitate your planning and booking of the next dive vacation. 


From time to time, I might highlight or discuss the importance of our lakes, seas and oceans. Not only for their beauty and diversity, but I would like to bring, humbly, the environmental topic to give further context to Ocean's life.

"What is well conceived is clearly stated and the words to say it come easily", said Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux (poet and critic, 1636-1711). I want to keep this in mind when writing to you and for you.


My goal will always be to provide clarity and conciseness while remaining complete.

Finally, your contributions are welcome. Do feel free to submit your articles, information, photographs and videos. Your remarks, suggestions and criticisms are important to make this site complete and accurate.

The world moves quickly, sometimes too quickly and diving is a break that can help you to disconnect for a while in the deep blue. If you haven't tried it yet, I hope to convince you. If you are already an addict, well, sorry, I can't heal you, it's too late!

​Gone diving...

The Diving Bear

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