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A new blog among others?

Why did I decide to start? For you!

Dear readers, a very warm welcome!

First of all, thank you for taking the time to read me. I know how tight your schedule is. We are all busy, time flies and you have to make good use of your free time.

Why did I decide to start this blog is probably the first question you would like to ask me.

At the risk of giving an answer that sounds like poor marketing, I will say it's for you.

With what purpose? Sharing.

I like reading, writing and diving. So why not combine them all. I hesitated for a long time before launching this site, fearing that I might not be interesting or that I might not provide you with the information you look for. Despite everything, I decided to take kick off. I hope you will forgive me for any rookie mistakes.

My goal is to share my passion for diving with those of you who are interested in it, whether they are divers or not yet. I hope that we will make it, together, a dynamic platform.

I will discuss, over the posts and articles, various subjects: training, books, travel, equipment review, travel organization and many more.

Do not hesitate to contribute by submitting your articles, comments and photographs to me. Anything that may interest readers is welcome.

I also want to deal with the issues of our lakes and oceans. In a light but informative way. There is no question here of bringing articles from a scientific journal, I will not have such a claim. But anything that can be used to better understand, and therefore indirectly, protect our environment deserves our attention. No political ecology or ideology behind these lines, only my human consciousness.

The second question that will come to your mind is, I have no doubt, why such a name?

I have a thing for bears. It is a fascinating animal in many ways. Note also that the bear is not a bad swimmer ...

And to give you the full picture, some friends find me somewhat bearish in some ways. I won't say more.

I will enrich the site over the weeks. Do not hesitate to consult the dedicated Facebook page. I am not trying to make a "like" competition but your support will naturally be invaluable in moving this new adventure. Without readers, no blog.

Hoping that this platform will inspire you and that we will go a long way together.

Sincerely yours.

The diving bear.

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