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Convince your friends to become Divers?

Brilliant idea, here are key points to get their buy-in. Pitch the dream!

Take a certification could be scary to some people, for various reasons. But for thos who take this step, they will enter a new world, the Big Blue! Breath underwater, share magic moments with other divers, be in close contact with nature -in fact be "inside" the nature- and meet its inhabitants.

Whatever is the motivation to consider diving (nature, technical aspect, social activity), it has hardly any downside. So dont waste anymore time and convince your friends and partners to join the adventure. Here are few points to help you pitch the dream...

Become more aware and conscious about the marine life and its importance

- Discover how oceans and seas function

- Get to know marine species and ecosystems, there is more to see and learn than you can imagine

- Understand (better) how oceans and seas need our protection

Show respect to the nature

- Sounds likea a vague statement but it is true. Wait till they see plastic down there and they will understand...

- You will become an ambassor of the oceans, just naturally

Feel good!

- Positive impact of physical and mental health

- Diving works the body and the mind; use the muscles, generate stamina, reduce your stress level and manage anxiety (if any).

- Serious studies (not done by, you are safe) confirmed that being in the water releases happy hormines and relax your brains

- During dive trips or dive days you will give your body a break. Why do I mean by that? No heavy breakfast, no alcohol (well at least not pre-dive). Instead, light food yet sufficient to compensate the calories you will burn

- You will feel like living something special; difficult to describe to a non-diver but it is true. Its not about being part of an elite (I hate this word) but it is a priviledge to get so close to the nature and in the nature if it makes any sense to you

Be part of the underwater world, forget the topside one

- Wifi? None; phone call? No way; A Tweet? Forget about it

- Its you and the nature, you in the Big Blue, you with the sharks (or whoever is around)

- You will appreciate the silent, if not get addicted to it. In short, be fit!

(Re)open your Atlas

- You will dive around the world, isn't that a great way to discover this planet? It is, so it is a valid reason to work your rusted geography, I am sure most of you didnt work it since college...

- You will never be short of idea to dive, and you will find it exciting to look at a map to understand the area you will dive, its topography, winds, tides etc.

Diving will be part of your life

- Holiday somewhere? You will want to dive if possible, even it is not the main goal of the trip

- A beach dive, a lake dive in the mouantain (remember this one requires a specific training), you name it... No dive spot on the map, well, maybe you will change your plan

Deal with challenges

- Lets be honest, not all dives go as per plan and some situations can be challenging

- Having a bad day? Sea sick? Equipment issue? Short of air? Plenty of reasons could trigger stress. Will you deal with it? Yes, thats the good news. No heroes here, but there is simply not alternatives to deal with a problem when you are 20m down. Don't scare your friends, it is in fact positive. They will learn about themlseves, manage stress and become more confident

Not good at packing? That will change

- Equipment is heavy, so every kilo matters when you fly

- Forget bringing your fancy dress or smoking. You dont need it on a dive boat and you want to save space for what is useful

- You will become a soldier; pack the necessary and that's it

Socialize, even if you aren't good at it

- I personnally have not talent to socialize (after all I am a Diving Bear, not a regular diver) but over the year I met nice people and some became close friends

- You may even become member of a club or association and dive regularly with the same group

- You will meet people from all sort of horizony, background, nationalities, etc. And that is what makes it interesting. Who knows, you may even meet your future partner...

A wake up call

- Discover the Deep Blue comes to a price and I am not talking about the cost of your PADI certification; you will see how big it is and that unfortunately, even diving every day wouldn't be enough to see it all. Visited all continents and countries? Good, but 70% of Earth is made of oceans or seas.

- At the same time, it means unlimited possibilities for you to dive, and thats the good news!

So, are your friends not convinced yet? It can be. Back'up plan? Get them on a trial, probably the best way to get them onboard...

Happy diving, enjoy life.

The Diving Bear

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