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Did you know Diving is good for you?

Yes, its true!

Dear readers,

Happy Monday! I hope you are having a good start of the week.

Today I want to share a good news to boost your day! Diving is good for you! You knew it? I am sure.

But beyond the pleasure of diving, embracing the nature, explore a wreck of simply have peace for an hour, there are "real" positive effects. The benefits of Diving are multiple.

For divers, they are good excuses to get wet again and again.

For non-divers, it should convince them that the Big Blue has a lot to offer.

A Dopamine and Serotonin boost

Whats that? Hormones, but good ones. These two act as happiness and reward systems in or bodies. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter and affects our motivation. A positive news (e.g. you passed an exam) will level up our Dopamine. Serotonin is about happinness.

In short, diving (or any other activity you like) and achievements will boost these hormones and, in turn, have a positive impact on your physical and mental health.


Tired after a day of diving? That's standard. Because you had (most likely) a happy day, you will sleep deeper and better because of a good emotional joke. Oh well and yes, there is the fatigue experienced by all divers after few dives.

Lower blood pressure

Overall diving will reduce your stress (well ok maybe not on a bad day with current and equipment issue 20m down the sea but that's no so common).

Also, the water temperature can cool down your body (ok maybe not while diving in Phuket) but let's assume you dive a bit deeper or in a fresh lake, you will likely have a lower heart rate and a lower blood pressure thanks for the cold.

Fitness/ Health condition

Carry weights, jump in the water, move around, swim, kick will call for energy, muscles and move your body. Although you are practicing a hobby, you are active. Also, moving around under the water makes your heart working, flexes your muscles, asks you to be strong and endurant against current for example.

The moves you do are also specifc. You work the core and kick, which will improve your flexibility.

All of this packed in your favorite activity. Better than hitting the gym and be locked in a room like this one isn't it?


Sun is life! I keep saying it. Guess what, diving gives you exposure to it (unless you are into ice diving somehwere in the North Pole, which can be cool, would love to try it). We all need sun even those you wish to keep a fair skin. It's a matter of health. Getting exposure to the sun will help you generating vitamin D which you hardly find in food. What does vitamine D do? It facilitates calcium absorption and calcium is good for...your bones, an essential piece you will probably agree.

Breathing exercise

Its true, you learn to control your breath when you dive. Even those who don't ultimately will becaus they are upset to ending a dive after 15mn because their tank is empty... Benefit? You relax and calm down your nervous system. Certainly helpful in this crazy society. I am not into meditation but I know some divers find a form of meditation when being under water. It helps them clear their minds, cool down, reflect. Yes, you don't need a matress and a temple to do your meditation. It can be done directly in contact with nature...

Meet the underwater world

Enough of the Office word? Agree. So spend time being in close contact with nature and its elements. Doesn't matter where you dive, there is always something to see. Ok maybe not, if you dive in Singapore for example that statement would be wrong. But I discussed that topic already (see the dedicated post). Interacting with the marine line will calm you down. Not only will you learn new things (new species, new fish etc.), you will also discover (better) your body and your mind. Sounds bs to you? Try it...

Last but not least, diving can be good to conserve our oceans and lakes. Don't be shy, join a club, an association or just sign-up for an event to clean the ocean, remove plastics etc. Plenty take place around the world. It won't take you long, you will meet new people, learn new stuff and do good for the planet. Oceans need YOU.

Happy Diving.

The Diving Bear

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