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Dive trip: day one

D-day! Boarding the New White Manta.

Dear readers,

Here we are, what I came for: the New White Manta liveaboard. So before we dive, let's have a look at the boat! And I can tell you it's nice!

Plus points:

- Spacious cabines

- Real bathroom with warm water and wc (not always the case)

- Spacious living and dining rooms

- A real dive deck! Enough space to move around

- Donis to bring you on the dive spot

Negative? Couldn't really find anything wrong with the boat to be honest.

Key points:

Hotel transfer: 10mn if you stay in Bitung

Admin check: the staff will verify your passport (Captain needs it for clearance), dive certification, dive insurance and emergency contact details

Wifi options: USD 50 per pax for the entire trip (satellite connexion)

Activities: boat orientation, equipment set-up, cabin allocation

Check dive: easy dive on a reef

Sincerely yours.

The Diving Bear

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