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Focus: dive compass Suunto SK-8

It is not enough to dive, you also have to find your way...

Dear readers, good day!

Today I bring you a review of the Suunto SK-8 diving compass. It is a popular model because of its quality, strength, ease of use and reasonable price. For those who wonder, the answer is yes, this model is still relevant today. Suunto hasn't developed any new compasses recently.

« Easy to use and to maintan, it will fit your set nicely »

Dimensions: 65.5 x 65.5 x 43.7 mm

Weight: 218 grammes (without strap)

Price: USD 60-90 for a brand new one (indicative)

A compass to help you

Why have a compass? Well, to find your way. It's not always that simple, believe me. You can quickly lose your direction in the absence of natural references. Therefore only one recourse: a good old navigation instrument, well not too old...

Whether you are diving at night and without natural landmarks (no I don't believe that you can make a difference between the north and the south in the dark), in the deep blue (meaning its blue 360 degrees around you, which is equivalent to be in the dark), or even in a dive near an island but with poor visibility, the compass will be your best friend! For those who are still wondering what the concrete interest is: finding a given point (like a wreck), finding the boat that must pick you up, return to your starting point or during or to search something if not someone.

A good deal

So there you have it. The Suunto SK-8 offers great value for money without cutting corners on the essentials:

- Easy to read: the characters are written large enough. You can read during the day and night (the elements of the frame are phosphorescent). You can also use the side reading window, which is handy depending on the way you like to hold your hand underwater. It indicates every five degrees.

- Easy to use: basically, it works like a lot of others, so you just adjust the dial based on your position and the direction you want.

I recommend that you buy it with a strap that is long enough to be able to hang it, via a ring, on your BCD (but that's personal).

- Maintenance: nothing to do (I'm sure you like it) except to rinse it after diving to remove the salt and other particles that you bring back.

- Popularity: you find a lot of them, and you will not have difficulties buying it, having it repaired or even selling it.

- Quality: it is manufactured by Sunnto which gives you Finnish quality.

source: Suunto

I have read a few negative comments here and there that the compass suddenly stopped working for no apparent reason. Of course, I cannot comment on what happened to these users. For my part, I have been using it since 2018 and have never had problems.

I specify here that I have never tried it with a "drysuit" or in extreme conditions such as diving at the North Pole but it is on my wish list!

For lesure diving it will certainly meet your expectations.

Do not hesitate to ask me your questions or to share your experiences.

See you soon for a new review and as I often say, don't rely (solely) on others for your safety. The proof below ...

Sincerely yours.


The diving bear.

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