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Solo diving

A good idea?

Dear readers, it's a pleasure to see you again!

This short post aims more the new divers. Some of you may be wondering if a solo diving trip is boring or even interesting.

The answer is yes, a hundred times yes. It's worth it! Are you afraid of loneliness? You won't be alone for long, believe me.

Generally speaking, the diving community is welcoming, friendly and made up of all possible profiles.

On a liveaboard, because of promiscuity, you will necessarily get to know other divers. During briefings, dives, debriefings, meals, downtime, at the bar in the evening, there will be plenty of opportunities.

You will team up with someone (a buddy). Ok it's true that you can be lucky or not with the unknown buddy. But dont worry, under water he can't talk anyway so it ok!

Then, in cruise mode, you will hardly isolate yourself and escape from others! No boudoir. Anyway, I'm sure you're not of that caliber and that on the contrary you'll be happy to know people.

In the evening it is not abnormal to meet for a drink (alcohol-free is also permitted). A good moment of conviviality to share, listen, tell stories. In general, it also turns into card games with, in the background, a movie that nobody really watches. And anyway, fatigue will take you to bed quite quickly ...

And what if you are on an island? Well, you will get to know the staff and other divers (here clients in this case).

And the rest of the time? Sunbathing, visits to cultural places on the island, culinary discoveries. I am thinking here of islands like Bali or Phuket. Believe me, you can't feel alone. Okay, unless you are on a micro-island in Polynesia, there, indeed, there will probably be downtime.

But after all, would you really mind? Relax and enjoy yourself with a good book (however, take something not too deep, so as not to get depressed). I almost forgot... a solo diver always finds a local bar to end his evening with a drink (in moderation of course) while listening to the fantastic stories of the barman ...

The plus points

  • Flexibility, you are free to make your choices, your itinerary, your program.

  • Learn through others, their styles of diving, their equipment.

  • Dating, making new friendships.

  • Networking, it can always be useful.

The minus points

There really isn't any. Unless perhaps you find yourself alone on a boat filled only with families with children. It's unlikely. But let's list a few.

  • A higher price if you decide not to share a cabin.

  • Less possibility of negotiating a discount since you are not with a group.

  • A buddy that you don't know and therefore with whom you may be less comfortable.

  • Depending on the general level of the group, you may be limited in the dives (depth, night dive, difficulty of the site). In general the operators nevertheless try to form the groups according to individuals' levels.

So, solo diving with a liveaboard or not?

My answer depends on what you are looking for. If you are on the hunt for big fish and depths, for an escape to the high seas, then yes, cruising is a must!

If you want a mix of activities or take advantage of the beach to top up your tan, party etc. then you will be better off on an island.

By the way, being on your own, why not take the opportunity to write your journal or an article? And share it with us ...

Sincerely yours.


The Diving Bear

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