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Thailand Update

And its good news!

Dear readers,

I hope you are well and all set to travel in 2022!

Ok I know, that sounds a bit optimistic but I am sure you want to. So let's plan something.

I guess many of your are vaccinated and that's pretty much all you need. Add a bit of paperwork and you are ready.

Please see below a recap of what you need and what to do.

The Bear's advices:

- Where to get your approval:

- Make sure your Covid19 coverage and insurance policy is denominated in USD. Documents in other currencies will be rejected.

What I used personnally: the Sabai insurance from Axa. Key in your details, the dates of your stay, click and pay. Within few minutes you will receive your policy.

Check on the Axa website in your country. For those who wonder, no, I do not get retrocessions from Axa so its an honest advice.

- When you book your hotel, make sure to book and confirm that it includes the transport from airport and the PCR test. If not, you may end-up with a hotel night only and guess what, your application will be rejected. Alternatively, you can book your PCR test directly, here is the link: PSAS (

- Processing time: it says 3 to 7 days; the sooner the better. I submitted two weeks in advance last time (in December 2021) to play safe. You never know if something goes wrong...well at least this is how I see it. And I don't want to risk missing my flight -and my holidays- for a document.

- Document format: have your documents ready in jpg format. For some reason, the site doesn't support pdf format.

Happy holidays!

The Diving Bear

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