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Time to shop!

Dear fellow divers,

I am sharing with you two places where I like to shop in Phuket.

Even if you dont need anything, I am sure you enjoy walking in thw shop a lookout for the latest gears. Who knows, you may find something...(for DMs', remember to ask for your discount).

Dive supply

You will find it on the way to Chalong. Coming from Kata it is on your left, half way down the long straight line going heading to Chalong (pier) roundabout.

You will find all sort of equipments. Essentially Scubapro and Deep Blue materials.



On the same road as Dive Supply (coming from Kata), drive all the way down to the roundabout (where the Police station is), take the third exit (the one heading to the pier). You will find the shop on your right, few hundred meters after exiting the roundabout).

Some interesting options especially BCDs (Aqualung), fina and more.


Sincerely yours.

The Diving Bear

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