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Vietnam to open Phu Quoc

Are you vaccinated? Consider Vietnam for a relaxing break!

Dear readers,

I am pleased to spread a news read today in the Bangkok Post:

"Vietnam to open Phu Quoc for vaccinated foreign tourists in Nov".

It is a good news isn't it? Beside the normal visa requirements to enter Vietnam, you will need to be fully vaccinated (second shot at least 14 days before entering the island but no more than 12 months ago). Also, plan for the (now) usual PCR test, done not more than 72h prior arrival.

In terms of diving, Phu Quoc is not well-known but (there is always a but), you could see it as an opportunity to dive away from the usual locations (often too crowded). Who knows, the nature might surprise you!

There are a couple of dive shops (you can see the list on Google). I will try to obtain information re their operations as some might have been closed (permanently or not) and update you.

Let's be positive and hope that the opening will run as per Vietnam's plan.


The Diving Bear.

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