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Uddamareshvara-tantra In Hindi

Uddamareshvara-tantra in Hindi

Uddamareshvara-tantra (उड्डमरेश्वर तन्त्रम्) is a Hindu tantric text that belongs to the Kaula school of Kashmir Shaivism. It is one of the 64 Bhairava Tantras, which are texts that describe the worship of the fierce form of Shiva known as Bhairava. The Uddamareshvara-tantra is also called the Uddamareshvara-kalpa or the Uddamareshvara-samhita.

The Uddamareshvara-tantra is mainly devoted to the rituals and mantras of Uddamareshvara, who is a form of Bhairava associated with the cremation ground. The text also contains chapters on various topics such as the origin of the Kaula tradition, the secrets of the five elements, the worship of the goddess Tripura Sundari, the methods of attaining siddhis (supernatural powers), and the rules of conduct for a Kaula practitioner.

Uddamareshvara-tantra In Hindi

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The Uddamareshvara-tantra is considered to be one of the most important and authoritative texts of the Kaula school. It is said to have been revealed by Shiva himself to his consort Parvati, who then transmitted it to her son Kartikeya, who in turn taught it to his disciple Nandi. The text is also attributed to the sage Durvasa, who is said to have received it from Kartikeya.

The Uddamareshvara-tantra has been translated into several languages, including Hindi. There are many editions and commentaries of the text available in Hindi, both in print and online. Some of the sources where you can find the Uddamareshvara-tantra in Hindi are:

  • [Uddamareshvara Tantram Book (उड्डमरेश्वर तन्त्रम् पुस्तक)]: This is a PDF book that contains both the Sanskrit text and the Hindi translation of the Uddamareshvara-tantra. It also includes an introduction and a glossary of terms. You can buy this book online from [Astromantra].

  • [The Uddamareshvara Tantram Pandit Jagad Dhar Zadoo]: This is an online archive that contains a scanned copy of the Sanskrit text and the Hindi translation of the Uddamareshvara-tantra by Pandit Jagad Dhar Zadoo. It also has a preface and an index. You can access this archive for free from [Internet Archive].

  • [उडमरेश्वरतन्त्रम्: Uddamareshvara Tantra]: This is a printed book that contains only the Hindi translation of the Uddamareshvara-tantra by Dr. Ram Kumar Rai. It also has a foreword and a summary of each chapter. You can buy this book online from [Exotic India Art].

I hope this article helps you learn more about the Uddamareshvara-tantra in Hindi. If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know.


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