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A picture is worth a thousand words

Latest shots from Phuket as you have probably never seen it (or not in years)

Karon beach, September 2021

Dear readers,

This time I will keep it short (some might think "for a change...").

I would like to share some pictures to show you how Phuket is calm, clean and...empty!

I must say that it is a mixed feeling. It's a break for the nature that was long overdue. At the same time, the local population is suffering since they rely on tourism unlike other provinces who have other industries contributing to the economy.

In any case, let's get inspired and look forward to go there and dive again!

Karon beach without tourists

Cleaning in progres at Patong beach...

Let's consider this as an upgrade of Beach Road, Patong

The famous Bangla Road in Patong...but without bars

Patong's new colorful road


The Diving Bear

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