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An insurance to dive?

Mandatory or not? In any case, it's worth it.

Dear readers, good day!

Well first of all I apologize for the title photo, which at first glance has nothing to do with diving. I concede that to you. At the same time, I couldn't find anything better to express my idea: better to be tied up and safe when diving. So much for the image.

I am not an insurance fanatic and we are sometimes overinsured, even without really understanding what our insurance covers and what does not. Anyway, I think it's important to be insured to dive.

You never imagine the worst until it happens. The materialization of risk, which insurers abhor (I have never understood why since they are there for that...but let's move on).

This is a subject that no one likes to discuss. Firstly, because it's not funny. No one likes to discuss risk, except maybe those who are in the business of managing risk. Secondly, because who says insurance says paperwork, and we are suffocated by administrative work.

Check with your insurer to find out what is already covered or not in your medical coverage. It is possible that medical and / or hospitalization costs will be covered, but also consider the following points:

  • Evacuation

  • Daily allowance at the hospital

  • Prosthesis if necessary

  • Rehabilitation and technical equipment

  • Loss of earnings in the event that you stop work for some time

  • Interpreter fees

  • Search and rescue costs

  • Loss of your equipment

  • Cancellation / Interruption of your holiday

  • Additional hotel or accomodation costs

  • Quadriplegia and Paraplegia

  • Death

Another very important point: civil liability, in order to cover any damage caused to others, particularly relevant for Divemasters and Instructors.

A good solution

If this is not the case, or imperfectly, I suggest that you contact V-Insurance Group for example (I do not get retrocessions so I am free to speak). This group works with PADI and the insurance company behing is AIG so it's solid.

I am insured with them.

Communication is effective, fast, services and prices correct. The advantage is that they have offers specific to diving activities.

To give you an idea, my last premium costed me AUD 246 or lesser than USD 200 for a year. If you dive regularly, you are break-even (conceptually) fairly quickly,

Mandatory to dive

This is not systematic but often liveaboard operators (cruises) require proof of insurance.

For the rest, lessons or guided divese, check with the center or the school about their conditions. It is difficult for me to generalize.

Go Pro?

For those who decide to become professional divers (it sounds a little arrogant I know but it is the official term at PADI from the Divemaster level onwards), there is no queston. You need one, and prefereably a good one.

Make sure to include a decent coverage for your civil liability because yes, you could, unfortunately, be sued in the event of an accident, by your students or divers in the group.

So don't take unnecessary risks that could ruin your vacation. Dive covered!

Ok ok, I will change the picture when I find something better ... I can hear you.

Sincerely yours.


The Diving Bear.

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