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Dive trip: where to stay in Manado

If you travel to Manado to board a cruise, you likely need a hotel for a night or two

I arrived in Bintung on the Saturday and had to stay two nights to board the boat on Monday. I stayed at the FaveHotel, it is an hour from the airport and about ten minutes by car from the area where the White Manta picked-us up. The other advantage to stay in this area is that the boat crew will pick you up so you dont have to arrange you transport.

The price is reasonable (around USD 50 per night) with breakfast. The room was overall clean and spacious. Simple but functional, it fits the purpose: sleep while waiting for your cruise.

Ok just manage expectations for the view...

There is a swimming pool if you want to chill a bit (its a bit funny cause there is a wall next to it so you feel kind of behind bars but well...).

The breakfast is basic but hey, for the price you won't expect the Sheraton right. The restaurant is good. Go for local food, some friends tried western dish and it was not that good - as one would expect. I don't know why they tried their luck with that...Anyway.

The staff is friendly, well who isn't in Indonesia!

Sincerely yours.

The Diving Bear

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