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Diving After Flying?

Yes you can!

Dear Divers,

Happy Sunday, especially for those not working today.

Today I want to clarify a point related to flying and diving. I heard some of you wondering whether they can dive after flying. There seem to be a confusion with the pre or post diving rules for flying.

As explained in a earlier post (6th March 2022), there are limitations to flying after diving. In interest of (your) time I will not re-write everything here. Just refer to the post.

But when it comes to diving after flying, there are no restrictions. Why? Simply because there are no risks.

But why? Because you will not be exposed to (increased) risk of Decompression Sickness (so-called DCS). Remember that the risk of DCS comes from a high concentration of Nitrogen in your blood, resulting from your dive(s). I will talk about DCS more in details in a future post.

So, land and jump? Yes its possible.

Now remember that during your flight (especially long ones), you will likely be dehydrated. Come one be honest, most of you enjoy the free drinks I know it. Well, nothing wrong with that but your glass of wine doesn't exactly help hydratation.

I am not stopping you from enjoying your cocktails onboard (I do the same), but do drink plenty of water before jumping into the water (no pun). But guys, if you had many drinks on the plane, just don't dive at all. Wait for the next day. Safer. Needless to remind you that alcohol can affect your senses, which can quickly become catastrophic under water.

Why? Lots of why today, I know.

Dehydration is unfortunately a cause of possible DCS.

In short: be alerted divers, and you will be fine.

Have a good day.

The Diving Bear

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