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Mistakes Divers Make Serie 6

Know your limits

Dear readers,

I hope you have a great day and, for the lucky ones, a good dive this weekend.

So, what is the mistake of the day? Crossing the line! Which line? Simply your limit.

Remember an important rule: never dive beyong your limits. No matter where you dive and the dive type, be sure to be comfortable with the dive plan, be properly equipped and know the equipment.

Certified? Yes you are but your experience matters. Extend your diving experience as you diver over time. Push your limits in a nice and steady way. Don't take risk to look cool in front of others. If you don't feel like joning a dive because or x reason, don't dive.

Typical uncomfortable zones: poor visiblity, cold water, strong current, unknown equipment.

Want to dive what I would call special style, e.g. cave diving, wreck diving, ice-diving; remember to be trained accordingly. These unique environment are particulary dangerous. They come with fun and excitment, just make it a safe experience.

What's last? Be ready for first aid. Many divers overlook this course but it could be critical in an emergency situation. No need the be the heroe, just get the basics and that is what the Emergency First Response (EFR) course is for.

Divers never stop learning...

Sincerely yours.

The Diving Bear

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