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Travel in 2021?

Phuket, your next stop? Why not!

Like all of us, you look forward to pack your bags for diving and that's understandable. Due to the current pandemic, many countries remain closed or impose quarantines that seriously complicate or simply prevent travel.

We must therefore follow developments and government announcements, but why not think about it?

The good news is that you have an option: Phuket sandbox.

As I write these lines,

- the quarantine is lifted per say if you travel to Phuket under the sandbox model.

- you have to book a hotel among those approved by the Government but you can go out assuming your PCR test was negative on arrival.

- administrative work remains necessary, hotel reservation for quarantine, PCR test, Covid insurance, Certificate of Entry.

On Phuket side, it is still calm. Few tourists arrived under the said Sandbox.

Many attractions, activities, shops, bars and restaurants are still closed.

It seems that investors, developers and even the authorities are taking the opportunity to carry out work (destruction-construction of buildings, update of the electricity network).

As for diving, it's ... perfect. And yes, the flip side is that in the absence of tourists and reduced maritime traffic, underwater life has regained its rights (and that's good). Many operators continue to offer their services, too bad for us who are not there!

I suggest you discover diving in Phuket. For that I refer you to my article "Diving in Phuket, Thailand" which covers this subject.

I will come back regularly with the latest information I can find. Do not hesitate to write to me directly for any questions or if you have any information to share.

Sincerely yours.


The diving bear.

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